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A selection of tasty, crunchy croutons. Perfect accompaniment to your dishes to add that extra punch of flavour.


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Eviva Oil

Eviva Sunflower oil is suitable for all types of cooking purposes, frying and deep frying.  The products are made out of the best raw materials in the market.




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Dooti Donuts

Enter the colorful world of Dooti Donuts, where joy, happiness and good humor are all rounded.

Think of a world full of sweetness and joy. This is the world of Dooti Donuts. Here there is a place for everyone – for lovers of the classics and rebels breaking the rules, for the young at heart and for those who think that they are already grown-ups. This is the perfect place for you. Move to a land where it is delicious all the time! Choose from the best flavors – wherever you are and whatever you do! And you? What flavor are you in the mood for today?

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Sometimes, simpler is better. That’s why we created RAGÚ Simply Sauces, containing 100% olive oil and no added sugar.

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Succulent seafood products, specially sourced.
Add that something special to your next mealtime through our delicious range of signature coated fish and seafood products

– love your seafood freshly frozen –

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Pescanova is dedicated to offering you the best of the sea. All Pescanovaseafood products are of exquisite quality and are cared for with preservation and processing techniques (in the case of prepared products) designed to keep all the nutritional properties intact.


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Prime Ocean

Prime Ocean brings both fresh and frozen high-quality Salmon and Cod to the Maltese market.

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The Hungry Elephant


It’s all about freedom of expression, creativity and experimentation. Sometimes all you need is a nudge in the right direction!  With our simple, 2 step meal kits, we take all the unnecessary effort out of cooking, without compromising on the unique flavours. It’s like bringing your new favourite Indian restaurant home!


Whether you’re cooking with the family or for friends, it’s all about enjoying food together and sharing those moments.


Only the best will do, which is why all our ingredients are natural and healthy.

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A collection of worldly flavours, ready for you to enjoy!

Fill your world with flavour

There’s a good reason we use the word ‘taste’ when we encounter new things: a taste of the East, a taste of adventure, a taste of the exotic. It’s because as human beings, we can’t help but explore the world through our taste buds.

Every bite is a step into a new world. A reminder that there’s so much out there to be discovered, embraced and enjoyed.

Twistd is more than a taste of different cultures. Our big stimulating flavours will transport you to the far flung corners of the globe. We bring the intoxicating flavours of the world directly to your plate

Food is a means by which to explore culture and bring a little flavour to your life. To feed the soul as well as your bellies. A social expression of worldliness. We believe that every eating occasion should be a reason to celebrate.

Eat the world

Wherever you are in the world, the streets are where the fullest flavours can be found. Alive with the sounds, smells and colours. The depth of old customs and the cutting edge of new explorations.

We don’t just offer a taste of a national dish, but a bite full of culture. A colourful fusion of pop-culture and street style that brings a modern, multi-sensory zing to the category.

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Mug Shot

Slow down for a few delicious minutes with Mug Shot soup, the warm, comforting, flavour-packed instant soup or snack that’s good to go in five.
For the perfect pick me up. Use your favourite mug.


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Chicken Tonight

Chicken Tonight is a range of tasty sauces, crafted to help you make chicken amazing!

Our range of jars help anyone to cook tasty midweek meals that the whole family will love. Create all your traditional favourites that the whole family will want to rush home for, in just 20 minutes.

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Leagel – Ingredients for Artisan Gelato

Uncover the secrets of an art that still defies large scale industrial production and whose results appeal to young and old alike… Take a look at our wide range of products featuring everything you could possibly need for the perfect production and presentation of Italian ice-cream.

Ice Mix, aperitif ice cream logo

Relaxing Gelato


Milk Base - Leagel








Cream Pastes for Milk ice-cream - Leagel


Fruit Pastes - Leagel


Cream Rippling Sauces - Leagel


Fruit Rippling Sauces - Leagel



Toppings - Leagel


Cocoa and Liquorice


Vegan Gelato Leagel

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Eurocas is a pastry oriented company with high quality ingredients to cater for all your patisserie needs.

Non Dairy Toppings

Eurocas has a very extensive range of non dairy creams so it can cover all demands and tastes that your specific market might have.

Non Dairy Cream

Rhapsody Creams

An excellent range of ready to use creams for fillings before or after baking.

Ready to use creams

Custard Vanilla Cream

Our Instant Vanilla Cream offer great value to the money.

Custard Vanilla Cream

Fruit Fillings

An extensive range of bake stable Fruit Fillings.

Apple Fruit Filling 90%


The Eurocas chocolate products consist of all the Chocolate Couvertures and Chocolate Compounds your customers might need, plus the iconic Belgian Chocolate and Dutch Cocoa Powder.

Real Dark Chocolate 52%

Cold Glazes

An extensive range of ready to use Cold Glazes.

Mirror Glazes
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The character of products sold under this brand perfectly fits into the expectations of young consumers. Popular, trendy, American products have more and more fans around the world.

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Atrian Bakers strive to meet customers’ needs by being constantly aware of their demands.  These inputs give an added value to their product development as it is shown in their wide portfolio.

A belonging company of Grup Lasem, Atrian Bakers, has a lifetime dedicated in the frozen dough business with over 20 years of experience applying the lastest and most innovative processes achieved with severe and continuous research and development with international projections.

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Radnor Hills

The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy our products you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales.

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Farm Range

A range of premium poultry products straight from the farm.

Farm Range

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A delicious range of breaded and battered chicken products, using Diggersown unique coating system.

100% Fillet Guaranteed.


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Lakeland Bake

It’s said, by chefs and bakers alike, that the simplest recipes are often the hardest to get right.  Lakeland Bakers give their all to the challenge. They are uncompromising in quality and well…everything really!

Lakeland Bake makes secret little tweaks to the recipes to enliven the flavours and natural goodness of their products. Whether it’s the consistency of the crumpets, carefully checking the number and density of holes to draw in the sweet or savoury fillings, or, the way they bake their pancakes for not a second more than needed for you to toast to perfection.

And when healthy eating standards asked for less salt – they started all over again – to make healthier products more perfect for you.

They never get tired of improving, loving baking the great classics the way customers tell them they love to eat their products… ‘light and crisp – fluffy in the middle – and great for any topping!’


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Kerry Foods

Thanks to the vast experience gained by Kerry Foods during recent years and to their R+D department, they are able to source and select the best coffee from its origins.

Kerry Foods have also achieved optimum roasting of coffee beans which results in a delicious cup of coffee full of flavour and aroma.


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Président® Cheese, one of the world’s premiere cheesemakers and the #1 brand of Brie in France, is part of Groupe Lactalis. Founded by André Besnier in 1933 in the town of Laval, France, in the Loire Valley, we bring over 75 years of French artisanship and tradition, and the widest range of specialty cheeses, including the largest array of AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) cheeses. You can count on Président as your personal cheese coach, guiding you through the extraordinary blend of expertise, flavor, and culture that come together in specialty cheese.

President range

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Avonmore – Ireland’s No. 1 Milk Brand – available in Full Cream (3.5% Fat), Low Fat (1.5% Fat), and Skimmed (0% Fat).


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Pure Dairy Free

Free from dairy and all artificial preservatives, our spreads have less salt and more vitamins (D, E, A and B12).

Explore our range to find the pure-fect spread for you and your family.


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Baron De Beldon

The Baron De Beldon Spanish wines have bright tasting notes with delicate expression of mature tannins.  Available in Red, White and Rose, it is ideal to accompany red meat dishes, stews, tapas, pasta, pastries, pate, rice, fish and seafood.


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SONKO’s goal is to be creative enterprise, promoting healthy food by supplying new, innovative products and constantly improving their quality in order to make the consumers’ lives easier, in accordance with their motto: SONKO – take care of yourself!

Sonko products are available in: Natural and Salted rice cakes, rice cakes with Pumpkin Seeds and Seeweed, with Sunflower Seeds, 7 grains with wild rice, as well as Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Yogurt coated rice cakes – a healthy snack option in a busy lifestyle.

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Zengo is a young company that focuses upon providing unique beverage systems for food service operators, throughout Europe. Zengo is active only since January 2010 and operated formerly as Vitality. Therefrom it has a strong history and knowledge about food service. Zengo’s mission is to provide unique beverage systems for food service operators delivering operational convenience and customer satisfaction.

zengo juices
zengo machines

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Caffe` Molinari

Just as the old coffee houses, set up in Italy during the 19th century became famous as meeting places for intellectuals and artists of the era as well as for political and patriotic ferment, also in Modena, a lively city in the Po Valley, the family set up the Bar Molinari in the heart of the city in 1911. It is interesting to note that Bar Molinari became known and passed into history with the more modern title of “bar”, abandoning the old 18th century title of “Cafè”. The roasting, packaging and marketing of coffee began in the historic centre of town in Via Rismondo 38 in the 1944 by the founder, Giuseppe and his sons, Alberto and Emilio, who transferred the company to Via Modonella in 1955 with the production increase. The company grew and transferred to the offices in Via Fanti 206, where the company changed its structure with the name “Caffè Molinari SpA” and the far-seeing project of investing in research and new technology of packaging was initiated, looking for excellence in quality that allows at the Caffè Molinari to be appreciated in Italy and abroad, in all the continents of the world.

molinari products

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Embutidos Monells S.A. is a family business, founded in Sant Miquel de Balenyà – Seva, in 1975. Since then they have devoted themelves to the manufacture and marketing of sausages and meat processing products.

All the Monells products are prepared with select, prime quality meats, for a natural, healthy diet.

All Monells products are suitable for people suffereing from celiac disease, since they do not contain gluten.


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The English Tea Shop

Whether you’re a novice tea drinker or a seasoned tea lover, The English Tea Shop have a range to suit your tastes and mood.

Life is about experiences so they encourage you to experiment, titillate your taste buds and get lost in their heady creations. You won’t be disappointed!

ets rack



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Crops offer one of the highest quality and variety of frozen Fruit, frozen Fruit Purees and Smoothies. The quality of Crops is chosen by Chefs who need to either decorate with their IQF Fruits or fill in the Cakes with their Fruit Purees. Crops have always produced a guarantee quality fruit. crops_foodservice

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Tulip’s world famous taste and quality of Danish back bacon can be found available in casino online convenient 1.8kg packaging.

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Vergeer cheeses, available as sliced (in 1kg packaging) and blocks. All this in a number of different cheese types, stages of maturity and taste varieties such as Cheddar, Masdaam, Emmentaler and Goats’ cheese.

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Kaserei Champignion

Under the brand Kaserei Champignion, one can find a selection of block cheeses such as Emmentaler and Dorblu Blue cheese, as well as Brie and Camembert portions.

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Eviva is the ideal everyday sunflower based spread, which is also naturally cholesterol free.  Also suitable for vegetarians.

250g tub free with every 500g tub purchased.





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Whether you want to Dip it, Pour it, Squeeze it or Season it, Harrisons has it! Harrisons condiments offer an unbeatable casino online combination of affordability and variety, so you always have the perfect complement to any meal directly from the manufacturer of Harrisons Sauces.

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Coroli vegetable oil packed in convenient 25Lt jericans, suitable for all types of cooking purposes, frying and deep frying. Coroli also produces quality Mayonnaise in 5lt buckets.

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Siam Pure Rice

Thai Long Grain Parboiled rice packed in convenient 10Kg bags.

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Regal biscuits – the Biscuits with a Heart – are locally produced by our sister company Rimus Riley Ltd., offering a selection of filled, chocolate coated and plain biscuits trusted and enjoyed by all the family.


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Mr. Riley

Mr. Riley’s products, locally produced by our sister company Rimus Riley Ltd., offer a selection of snack foods trusted and enjoyed by all the family.


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X-Tra offers a wide range of excellent quality products, namely Tuna, Hot Dog & Cocktail sausages, Rice, Corned Beef, Polpa & Passata, and a variety of Beans. x-tra

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Rucker delivers a selection of German produced cheeses, from Edam to a variety of Feta cheese.


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Quality frozen pastries ready to bake with a variety of pastries catering for both the breakfast and the Cafeteria sectors.

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Prima Cheese

Prima Cheese offers a selection of Mozzarella and Mozzarella Blends in loaf and shredded options suitable for pizzas and authentic meals.

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Quickbury offers a vast range of delicious Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Crackers and Sugar Free products.

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Romi Butterich x2kg margarine tub online slots and Romi Mini-Portions x7g margarine portions.


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Cake and pudding making are made especially easy using the RUF ready-mixes, all with minimum ingredients and time requirements.


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Simply Chicken

A range of chicken products, ranging from frozen chicken breast to nuggets and cheese pops.

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Streamline Reduced Sugar Jams & Marmalades are packed with extra fruit and less sugar, which is why they taste so good.

Streamline Reduced Sugar Jams & Marmalades are casino a perfect choice for consumers who are conscious about healthy eating while still demanding great taste and the highest quality.

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Tulip is renowned around the world for its pork products but also a broad selection of chicken-based products. 
Tulip canned meats are delicious, versatile and very convenient. The products can either be eaten cold from the can or heated up to provide a quick hot meal.


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Tulip’s world famous taste and quality of Danish bacon can be found available in the Back and Streaky varieties.

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Vergeer cheeses, available as sliced, shredded, wedges and snack portions.  All this in a number of different cheese types, stages of maturity and taste varieties


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Volys Star offers quality frozen chicken and turkey products, for retail, wholesale and foodservice. Since 1972 Volys Star has been manufacturing breaded products which are either raw or fully cooked.

For this purpose they use a wide range of breadcrumbs and various delicious stuffings. Their breaded range can either be fried or cooked in the pan or in the oven.


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Whole (3.5% Fat) and Semi-Skimmed (1.5% Fat) UHT milk from Slovenia.


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Bernard Matthews

Bernard Matthews delivers meals in minutes for your hungry brood! All our family favourites can be ready in just 20 minutes for a fun, fast dinner.
All products made using 100% British turkey with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

BMF new Range

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Frozen pastries, to defrost and bake with an sumptuous variety form doughnuts filled to plain from chocolate coated to sugared from mini’s to a selection of cafeteria size products.


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Celtic Vale

Celtic Vale Natural Mineral Water is bottled at source from a natural artesian spring near Longtown – an idyllic village nestling in the foothills of the Black Mountains on the Herefordshire / Welsh border.
Celtic Vale Natural Mineral Water is bottled in a selection of different sizes, in both plastic and glass. The characteristic logo, textured finish and soft colours is present throughout our range.

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Coroli oils are suitable for all types of cooking purposes, frying and deep frying.  The products are made out of the best raw materials in the market.

Coroli vinegars are pure basic products. They can be used to preserve vegetables as well as dressings.


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Crunchy and delicious at any time, the Delser crackers are a delicious and versatile product, alone or with any kind of garnishing to create sandwiches, snacks and delicious appetizers or as a substitute of bread.


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Donegal Catch

With Donegal Catch, it’s all about the fish. A selection of delicious breaded or battered Irish Fish.

dc new range


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Embutidos Domingo Ortiz Moreno SL

From Embutidos Domingo Ortiz Moreno SL, one can find Chorizo, Sliced Pepperoni in tray and Serrano Ham.  All products are Gluten Free.


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Filippo Berio

Filippo Berio Olive Oil varieties are carefully crafted to inspire your next appetizer, snack, meal, or dessert. Filippo Berio® Olive Oil is the essential ingredient to add a little extra to any recipe.
Filippo Berio Pesto sauces are all made with Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, useing only the finest, authentic ingredients and techniques.
Filippo Berio Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is smooth and flavoursome, with classic, light sweetness. Made from specially selected Modena grapes and aged according to tradition


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Fry Light

Frylight is a unique, patented technology spray cooking oil. Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray!


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Glanbia Irish Cheddar for that rich and distinctive flavour.


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Combining a great base, signature sauce, mouth watering cheese and tastiest toppings to a lot of know-how, adding in some love and passion, Goodfella’s offers the tastiest pizza you’ll find outside Napoli.
One can satisfy his appetite with a selection of pizza ranges, from Deep Baked Pan, Stonebaked Thin, Flatbread to Take Away selections. Now also available in GLUTEN FREE.

Goodfella’s Sweet Fella’s sweet pizza now can be found in the frozen desserts section!

goodfella's range

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Green Isle

Green Isle frozen vegetables are Ireland’s favourite frozen vegetables. All Green Isle vegetables are carefully selected to ensure they are of the highest quality, and are frozen from fresh locking in all of nature’s goodness and flavour for you to enjoy.


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The HAHANE brand name covers different cereal products, beginning from traditional cornflakes, moving on to mueslis and sweet cereals.
Important vitamins and dietary fibres contained in cereal make it the ideal food for both young and old. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet go hand in hand. For this reason, HAHNE takes special care in the production of all cereal products.


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Whether you want to Dip it, Pour it, Squeeze it or Season it, Harrisons has it! Harrisons condiments offer an unbeatable combination of affordability and variety, so you always have the perfect complement to any meal directly from the manufacturer of Harrisons Sauces.

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Hofmeister offers a selection of individually packed cheese slices, available in 4 different flavours – Emmentaler, Gouda, Toast and Sandwich.


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Kaserei Champignion

Under the brand Kaserei Champignion, one can find a selection of block cheeses such as Emmentaler and Dorblu Blue cheese, as well as Brie and Camembert portions.

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Marfrio offers a great range of frozen and pre-cooked products, elaborated from species quick frozen on board.
The products maintain the top quality and authentic online casino sea taste so appreciated by consumers.

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Mornflake have been milling oats in the South Cheshire countryside since 1675, making them the longest established miller of oats and cereal in the UK.
The Mornflake products are all based on oats and oatbran, as well as the best fruits, nuts & seeds sourced from across the world to give a unique blend of flavours & textures.

The products can be split into the following groups:

  • Oats
  • Mueslis
  • Granolas
  • Oatbran Flakes
  • Oatbran Mueslis
  • Chocolatey Squares
  • Fruit & Fibre