Caffe` Molinari

Just as the old coffee houses, set up in Italy during the 19th century became famous as meeting places for intellectuals and artists of the era as well as for political and patriotic ferment, also in Modena, a lively city in the Po Valley, the family set up the Bar Molinari in the heart of the city in 1911. It is interesting to note that Bar Molinari became known and passed into history with the more modern title of “bar”, abandoning the old 18th century title of “Cafè”. The roasting, packaging and marketing of coffee began in the historic centre of town in Via Rismondo 38 in the 1944 by the founder, Giuseppe and his sons, Alberto and Emilio, who transferred the company to Via Modonella in 1955 with the production increase. The company grew and transferred to the offices in Via Fanti 206, where the company changed its structure with the name “Caffè Molinari SpA” and the far-seeing project of investing in research and new technology of packaging was initiated, looking for excellence in quality that allows at the Caffè Molinari to be appreciated in Italy and abroad, in all the continents of the world.

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