We maintain a code of ethics in doing the work that we do. We have four values that form an action guide for our employees and a useful reference point for our customers, brand owners and suppliers.  These values enforce our Company Philosophy and our Mission.

We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business. That’s why these core values are at the heart of every decision we make, day in, day out.

These values have been assembled as an action guide for the staff of Rimus Trading Agency and as a measure of our standards and behaviour with regard to clients, suppliers and stakeholders of the company.

1. Ethical standards

The Rimus Trading Agency is committed to its consumers, its clients, its suppliers, its staff and its shareholders in its bid to build honesty and integrity as part of the organisation’s daily work practice.

2. Reinforcing the value chain

The Rimus Trading Agency is committed to represent and deliver quality products and brands as part of the virtual circle of distribution to the retail sector and the foodservice market.

3. An efficient delivery service

The Rimus Trading Agency is committed to a delivery service that satisfies the consumer’s demand and that places the product into the shopper’s basket with all the quality the brand owner intended.

4. Brand-building investment

The Rimus Trading Agency is committed to investing in marketing programmes that build brand recognition and consumer demand.