Eurocas is a pastry oriented company with high quality ingredients to cater for all your patisserie needs.

Non Dairy Toppings

Eurocas has a very extensive range of non dairy creams so it can cover all demands and tastes that your specific market might have.

Non Dairy Cream

Rhapsody Creams

An excellent range of ready to use creams for fillings before or after baking.

Ready to use creams

Custard Vanilla Cream

Our Instant Vanilla Cream offer great value to the money.

Custard Vanilla Cream

Fruit Fillings

An extensive range of bake stable Fruit Fillings.

Apple Fruit Filling 90%


The Eurocas chocolate products consist of all the Chocolate Couvertures and Chocolate Compounds your customers might need, plus the iconic Belgian Chocolate and Dutch Cocoa Powder.

Real Dark Chocolate 52%

Cold Glazes

An extensive range of ready to use Cold Glazes.

Mirror Glazes