Zoi Juices

The Juice of Life

The juice of Life: The journey starts by carefully selecting the fruits from Mother Nature to make the juice concentrates.
No sugar added: No sweeteners are added to our 100 % juices, artificial or nutritive. We keep the juice pure and natural
No added colors: No artificial or harmful chemicals are added in our juices, all we offer is healthy and natural taste. The color of the juice is the natural color of the fruit itself
No preservatives: Tetra Pak technology keeps the juices safe for consumption, at-least for  15 months.

From Fruit to Zoi

Fruit Selection: Fruits are selected from Cyprus, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Thailand; the best regions worldwide for growing fruits.
Fruit washing: All fruits are washed with fresh water  to remove all impurities
Juice Extraction: The fruits are pressed so that the juice is separated from the rest of fruit.
Juice Concentrate: Water is frozen out from the juice to make the juice concentrate ready to be transported from around the globe to our plant keeping the valuable vitamins intact
Production Plant: The equivalent quantity of water is added back to the concentrate to get the juice to its initial state
Pasteurization: Air is removed from the juice and then the juice is heat treated to eliminate the need for preservatives
Filling: Tetra pak technology is used to pack aseptically Zoi juice and reach your table as simple and pure as possible