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A selection of tasty, crunchy croutons. Perfect accompaniment to your dishes to add that extra punch of flavour.


Eviva Oil

Eviva Sunflower oil is suitable for all types of cooking purposes, frying and deep frying.  The products are made out of the best raw materials in the market.




Dooti Donuts

Enter the colorful world of Dooti Donuts, where joy, happiness and good humor are all rounded.

Think of a world full of sweetness and joy. This is the world of Dooti Donuts. Here there is a place for everyone – for lovers of the classics and rebels breaking the rules, for the young at heart and for those who think that they are already grown-ups. This is the perfect place for you. Move to a land where it is delicious all the time! Choose from the best flavors – wherever you are and whatever you do! And you? What flavor are you in the mood for today?


Sometimes, simpler is better. That’s why we created RAGÚ Simply Sauces, containing 100% olive oil and no added sugar.


Succulent seafood products, specially sourced.
Add that something special to your next mealtime through our delicious range of signature coated fish and seafood products

– love your seafood freshly frozen –


Pescanova is dedicated to offering you the best of the sea. All Pescanovaseafood products are of exquisite quality and are cared for with preservation and processing techniques (in the case of prepared products) designed to keep all the nutritional properties intact.


Prime Ocean

Prime Ocean brings both fresh and frozen high-quality Salmon and Cod to the Maltese market.

The Hungry Elephant


It’s all about freedom of expression, creativity and experimentation. Sometimes all you need is a nudge in the right direction!  With our simple, 2 step meal kits, we take all the unnecessary effort out of cooking, without compromising on the unique flavours. It’s like bringing your new favourite Indian restaurant home!


Whether you’re cooking with the family or for friends, it’s all about enjoying food together and sharing those moments.


Only the best will do, which is why all our ingredients are natural and healthy.


A collection of worldly flavours, ready for you to enjoy!

Fill your world with flavour

There’s a good reason we use the word ‘taste’ when we encounter new things: a taste of the East, a taste of adventure, a taste of the exotic. It’s because as human beings, we can’t help but explore the world through our taste buds.

Every bite is a step into a new world. A reminder that there’s so much out there to be discovered, embraced and enjoyed.

Twistd is more than a taste of different cultures. Our big stimulating flavours will transport you to the far flung corners of the globe. We bring the intoxicating flavours of the world directly to your plate

Food is a means by which to explore culture and bring a little flavour to your life. To feed the soul as well as your bellies. A social expression of worldliness. We believe that every eating occasion should be a reason to celebrate.

Eat the world

Wherever you are in the world, the streets are where the fullest flavours can be found. Alive with the sounds, smells and colours. The depth of old customs and the cutting edge of new explorations.

We don’t just offer a taste of a national dish, but a bite full of culture. A colourful fusion of pop-culture and street style that brings a modern, multi-sensory zing to the category.

Mug Shot

Slow down for a few delicious minutes with Mug Shot soup, the warm, comforting, flavour-packed instant soup or snack that’s good to go in five.
For the perfect pick me up. Use your favourite mug.


Chicken Tonight

Chicken Tonight is a range of tasty sauces, crafted to help you make chicken amazing!

Our range of jars help anyone to cook tasty midweek meals that the whole family will love. Create all your traditional favourites that the whole family will want to rush home for, in just 20 minutes.