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I.CO. Cialde

Original and with an irresistible taste, I.CO. Cialde wafer shells (in the simple version or coated inside with chocolate) are ideal for serving gelato, whipped cream, creams and fruit salads. And don’t forget rolled wafer cones, cannoli, coated ramekins, mini tarts and boat tarts, choux pastry and babà, as well as mini cones to be used for decoration, like the colourful Decorì…

Hatterrall Ridge Spring Water

Hatterrall Ridge Spring Water – the premium British bottled water. The ‘Hatterral Ridge’ source bubbles to the surface in the shadow of the Hatterrall Hill, an area which has long been celebrated for its exceptional mineral water.

Set in a designated area of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’, Hatterrall Ridge forms an integral part of the Offas Dyke footpath, which winds along the English / Welsh borders. This ridge marks the eastern boundary of the Brecon Beacons National Park and the ‘Borderlands’ between the rolling hills of Herefordshire and the Black Mountains in Wales.

Records show that the local village hall was originally built as a bottled water factory in the early 1900’s. The water was bottled in glass and sent primarily for sale in London under the name ‘Hatterrall’, where it was noted for its exceptional quality and mineral content.

No other beverage is as representative of its area of origin as bottled water, which gains its mineral content and characteristic taste from the local rock strata. ‘Hatterrall Ridge’ Spring Water provides a real taste of the Welsh borders.

Thessalos Dairy

In the past century, the Thessalos family began the art of cheese making in the mountains of central Greece, as they were farming sheep and goats free in the nature. In this way their products were enriched with nutrients and flavors that Thessaly mountains offer.

Today, they still breed a high production dairy flock, with modern farming systems and pure Greek animal feed, using their own milk in order to produce traditional dairy products. Thus, following faithfully the recipes and the secrets of their ancestors they guarantee for the rich and original taste of them.

The following flavoured cheeses are available:

DescriptionWeight per piece